If a man desire to date me, it’s either final destination or your funeral – Nigerian Lady warns

As the years go by and people make public their desire to get into relationship and settle down, some appear to have introduced some stiff conditions to ensure whatever relationship they go into ends up in marriage.

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Amaka has stirred some controversial discussion online with her warning to any men that intends to date her.

She took to a Facebook group (Igbo Rant HQ) to state that if any man dates her, she expects it to materialize into marriage otherwise no one would be smiling after the courtship doesn’t work.

According to her, once a man dates her, their next line of action should be marriage preparations and any thing other than that would not end well for the man in question



Amaka wrote; “Once you date me, there is no Break up. It is either we plan wedding or your Funeral. Are you ready?”

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