The handler of Laycon social media account,Scarlet Gomez says’ no celebrity was paid to support Laycon

Fans of actress and singer , Scarlet Gomez , were surprised to learn that she was the one who handled the social media account of the Big Brother Naija
2020 winner , Laycon , while he was in the house .

Contrary to what many also think, Gomez insisted to Sunday that none of the many celebrities who supported Laycon were paid. She said , “ I had different notable moments throughout the journey .

The support we got from celebrities was one of the highlights for me .

We didn’ t have to pay any of them .

We welcomed them on his Instagram page every day.

The celebrities love him ‘ organically’ .

Even when fans knew he wasn ’ t perfect , they still showed him love.

To be honest, I would miss handling Laycon ’ s social media accounts.

Having to connect with fans was another highlight for me .

It was fun seeing fans love him regardless of who he was . ”


Recounting how she got the offer to maintain the reality TV star ’ s social media accounts, the singer said , “The team was looking for the best person they knew to handle Laycon ’ s page and they thought I was in the best position to do it .

I also took a liking to him .

If you know Laycon personally , you would realise there is nothing to hate about him .

You would fall in love with him .

He is a humble , honest and down – to -earth person .

The love I have for him made me go the extra mile , knowing that the world had to hear his story. ”

On how she handled the backlash that came with the responsibility , she said , “ I was once a beauty queen and I was taught how to respond to negative remarks.

People would come for one , whether one is a celebrity or not .

Everybody cannot like one .

One can either react to every distraction or focus on the job at hand .

I was too focused on the task to respond to negative comments .

We didn ’ t have to sell any narrative to Nigerians ; they could see it .

One cannot hide one’ s character for too long , especially when cameras are capturing all of one’ s activities .

The Laycon the world saw is the Laycon we know .

The only difference was that the Laycon we know is quieter than the Laycon you saw on TV .

We know him to be a shy person . ”

Asked about the changes she would love to see in Nollywood , Gomez stated , “ I want actors and production crews to be better paid and valued .

I have been on movie sets and seen the way crew members are treated .

Meanwhile , they are the people behind the scenes doing a lot of work . ”

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