NMA warns over Lagos full reopening of churches

The Christian Association of Nigeria , Lagos State, has commended the decision of Governor Babajide Sanwo – Olu to fully reopen churches , saying it is the right thing to do .

But the Nigerian Medical Association , Lagos chapter , described the decision to fully open worship centres in the state as hasty.

The Chairman of CAN , Apostle Alexander Bamgbola , that prayers were responsible for the minimal effects of the virus in the state .

He said a minimum of 30 million Nigerians were expected to die from the COVID – 19 pandemic, but God prevented it .

Bamgbola said , “By the end of February and early March when this thing started , I had access to privileged information from America that a minimum of 40 million Africans would die from this virus and 30 million of them will be Nigerians. But we serve a living God .

“Those who say Nigeria is the most corrupt nation always conclude that ‘ one thing they do is to pray ’ .

They have seen that we serve a living God .

We thank the governor for listening to us .



He has done well after looking at all the variables. ”

The cleric , however, added that CAN would ask worship centres to keep to all safety measures to prevent further spread of COVID – 19.

But , speaking to one of our correspondents , the Chairman , Lagos NMA Committee on COVID – 19 Response, Dr Japhet Olugbodi, said the state should have waited awhile before the full reopening of churches .

He said , “I think we should have tarried a little bit and see what comes out of the reopening of the airports.

The strain of COVID – 19 in Nigeria is different from the one in some countries , and since we’ ve opened the airport , we may have people bringing in another strain of the virus that is different and deadlier than the one in the country.

“ We should have seen how that goes first before reopening the economy fully .

I understand that people are hard – pressed , but there is a popular saying that goes thus , ‘ safety first .

’ I think we could have tarried a bit till about another month after reopening of the airports before the full reopening of the econom

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