China’s longest-serving lawmaker,Shen Jilan, dies at 91

Shen Jilan, China’ s longest -serving national lawmaker and recipient of the Medal of the Republic, passed away Sunday morning .

Provincial publicity department said the 91 – year old Shen died in the city of Changzhi , north China’ s Shanxi Province .

Born in 1929, Shen hailed from a remote village in the mountains of Taihang , a revolutionary base of the Communist Party of China in Shanxi .

She served for all 13 terms of the National People ’ s Congress , China’ s top legislature , since its establishment in 1954 .

Shen actively safeguarded women ’ s labor rights and advocated legitimizing “ equal pay for equal work ” between men and women .

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That was written into the first Constitution of the People ’ s Republic of China (PRC ) in 1954 as she had proposed.

She was awarded the Medal of the Republic, the highest state honour , last September ahead of the 70th founding anniversary of the PRC for her significant contributions to the country.

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