Expert advised rape victims not to bathe before visiting hospital

A family medicine specialist , Dr Adesida Adewumi, has advised rape victims not to bathe or change their clothes before visiting the hospital for examination .

Adewumi, at a webinar organised by The Pro Bono Centre, said rape victims always suffer infections , unwanted pregnancies and psychological trauma .

He said , “ The only reason why people get themselves involved in rape is lack of self -control .

Rape is perpetrated most times by people who cannot control themselves .

Blaming the rape victim on her choice of dressing is a wrong perspective of society.

“ Sexual assault is divided into two ; we have penetrative sexual assault and non -penetrative sexual assault.

It is the penetrative sexual assault that we call rape.

A lot of things could be termed as sexual violence, but once there is no penetration , it cannot be termed rape.

The penetration can be the mouth , anus , vagina or any body part . ”

Adewumi advised rape victims to always go to the nearest hospital for a check – up to ascertain the level of damage done to their bodies .

“ Immediately they suffer abuse , they should not take a bathe , they should not change their clothes , but rather they should run to the nearest hospital .

This will allow an expert to conduct an investigation and examine the person , ” he added .

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A boy child advocate on mental health education , Ms. Eloviano Afakpe , advised parents to train their male children so that they could grow to be responsible adults.

“ When a boy child is properly raised he becomes a responsible adult and society will be free from all of these rape stories .

The rape issue cannot be eradicated , but it can be reduced drastically if we focus on the boy child , if we nurture them with the right morals .

It starts from the home and when all of these are done , we will all have a peaceful society , ” Afakpe said .

The convener of the webinar , Mrs Mariam Nurudeen – Arole, said the event was organised to raise the awareness on all forms of abuse and to tell rape victims that they could get free legal support .

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