Twenty five year old arrested for raping, killing my sister-in-law –Bala, Zamfara man

Twenty – five – year – old Aminu Bala of Maradun Local Government Area of Zamfara State who was apprehended for allegedly killing his half -brother ’ s wife , Hauwa Iliyasu , why he committed the act

Where are you from ?

I am from Damaga village , Maradun Local Government Area in Zamfara State. I am a labourer. I did not attend any school .

You have been arrested for allegedly raping and killing your elder brother ’ s wife. Is it true ?

Yes , I committed the offence.

Why did you rape and kill your sister- in – law?

I did it because I was not on good terms with my elder brother, Iliyasu Bala .


I have not been on good terms with my elder brother since he sacked me as a labourer at the place where he works as a bricklayer .

There was a disagreement between us and as the person heading the place, he sacked me . Since then, I have been jobless.

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I can ’ t kill him because he is stronger than me .

I cannot face him .

I expressed my anger by killing his wife because of what he did to me .

How did you feel after raping and killing an innocent woman ?

I felt sad but I also felt I taught my brother a good lesson for sacking me from the job I had.

I know I would be punished for what I did .

How do you feel now that you have been arrested ?

I do not feel anything.

All I know is that I will face the consequences of my action .

I was shot in the leg by the police who came to arrest me .

Where was your brother when you killed his wife?

He was not in town.

He was in Abuja when the incident happened .

We have the same father but different mothers .

I have no any appeal to make to the government as I know that what I did attracts capital punishment .

I am only waiting for the punishment


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