Bode George faults the continuation of National Home Grown School Feeding Programme during the lockdown

A former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party , Chief Olabode George , has faulted the continuation of National Home Grown School Feeding Programme during the lockdown .

George , in a statement on Sunday in Lagos , said it was through the unity of purpose and collective efforts of all citizens that the virus could be defeated .

He said the pandemic had thrown up serious issues in the economy , leading to hunger in the land with its attending problems .

The PDP chieftain, therefore , called for the provision of stimulus packages and palliatives to salvage the economy and alleviate suffering .

“ Pumping money into school feeding programme while the schools are not open is a little absurd .

“ It is a redundant , unworkable palliative .

In a nation where there is no standard numbering of houses, how do you get the food to the beneficiaries?

This is more than laughable .

It is tragic , ” he added

He said using the pandemic to play unnecessary partisan politics or stoke sectarian animosity would not do the nation any good .

George said the pandemic was about the survival of the nation , urging leaders and citizens to embrace a new nationalistic front to tackle the problem .

“ We must never reduce this obvious national challenge to partisan feud .

This is beyond section triumphalism or sectarian animosity .

“ It is about the collective survival of our nation .

Let us act by coming together, by discarding old divisions , and embracing a new nationalistic front that can hopefully salvage our country from this pandemic .

“Let our leaders rise in the true spirit of national vision and mobilise our people towards rescue and redemption.

“ This is indeed how nations are built and strengthened in times of great challenges.

We must wield this country together now in one indivisible brotherhood .

“ There are no half measures .

There are no separate ways .

The solution must be collective , predicated in deliberately cultivated consensus , ” he said .

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