US President, Donald Trump admits US reopening will cost more lives

President Donald Trump conceded Tuesday that more Americans will die in reopening the US economy but underlined his insistence on a dwindling coronavirus threat by refusing to wear a mask , even as he toured a mask-making fac

Asked by ABC News whether the lifting of social distancing measures and reopening of the shuttered economy will lead to higher death tolls , Trump said “ it ’ s possible there will be some . ”

“ Because you won ’ t be locked into an apartment or a house or whatever it is, ” Trump said at the Honeywell factory in Phoenix , Arizona , which he visited on his first major trip since the coronavirus lockdown began .

“Will some people be affected badly ? Yes , ” he admitted earlier at the factory. “ But we have to get our country open. ”

Trump ’ s November reelection campaign is reeling from the massive shutdown ordered to try and stop the spread of the virus , which has already killed 70, 000 Americans and is forecast to take tens of thousands more lives .

Praising the Honeywell workers , who churn out masks used by medical staff and other first responders , Trump reiterated that it ’ s time to look ahead .

“ I want to be a cheerleader , ” he said .

Bolstering that shift of direction , the White House said that Trump ’ s emergency coordination group for the pandemic would be disbanding , probably by early June.

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