Trump is on attack again with two liberal Supreme Court judges

Trump is on the attack against two liberal judges on the Supreme Court , in a move that follows sharp criticism over his interference in the judiciary in ongoing cases.

Trump , on Twitter , demanded that both Justice Ruth Ginsberg and Justice Sonia Sotomayor “ recuse themselves on all Trump , or Trump – related , matters ” before the country’ s top court.

The matter appears to have originated in a dissenting opinion issued by Sotomayor in which she criticised the White House for rushing to the Supreme Court for relief when lower courts refused .

She was also critical of her judicial peers for acquiescing to the administration ’ s repeated requests .
It is far from unusual for justices to criticise parties to a case or even to pass judgement on the majority opinion of the court.

At a news conference in India , Trump again slammed the judge for her written dissent , which he said was “ so inappropriate . ”

Trump in recent weeks has faced criticisms over his interference in judicial cases , including his long – time friend , Roger Stone , who was convicted on seven charges , including lying to Congress .

Attorney General William Barr , considered as a staunch Trump ally , held a rare interview in which he said Trump ’ s tweets were making it harder for him to do his job .

Trump has appointed two Supreme Court justices in his first term.

There are currently five Republican- appointed judges and four appointed by Democratic presidents .

Sotomayor was appointed by Barack Obama and Ginsburg by Bill Clinton .

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