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60 year old father attempts to smuggle hard drugs into EFCC cell for his detained son, arrested

A a 60-year-old fish-farmer, Muyiwa Otulayo, has been arrested by operatives of the EFCC for attempting to do the unthinkable.

The farmer tried to smuggle substance believed to be hard drug to his detained son, Damilola. Both father and son are now under detention .

The incident happened on Monday, Febrary 17, when Mr Otulayo visited the EFCC premises and asked to see his detained son.

However, while discussing with the son, an officer of the commission noticed that he handed over a sachet of drugs to him.

After analysis by medical personnel attached to the agency, the drug was confirmed to be Rohypnol, a tranquillizer, used under strict prescription for the treatment of severe insomnia and assist in anaesthesia.

The drug, according to experts, contains high sedative effect and is rarely used except when prescribed by licensed medical officers.

The son has been under detention for money laundering which was detected in the United Kingdom and linked to him.

The case, involving the sum of £45,000, was said to be a part of a wider amount (about £500,000) for which he was declared wanted by the London’s Metropolitan Police.

The father is expected to be handed over to the NDLEA for prosecution.

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