I decided to disengage the contract with Teebillz -Tacha


I recall making books for my imaginary school and gathering kids together to teach them . As a child , I wanted to become a teacher , so I could impart knowledge to people .


For my elementary and secondary education , I attended Alpha Comprehensive Training College in Obio Akpor , Rivers State. I then proceeded to study English at the Ignatuis Ajuru University of Education , Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


I was inspired to take part in
Big Brother Naija (2019 edition ) because of the platform (it offers ).

I have always wanted to be on the show; seeing how huge a platform it is and how people go in there with nothing and leave with opportunities .

I wanted to make my brand global , so I decided to try it out.

Parents ’ reaction

My parents fully supported and respected my decision .


I went through a lot ; it was quite stressful and demanding– the crowd and anxiety before finally being selected .

I barely had favourites while in the house but I liked Sir Dee , Khafi, Isilomo and Omashola in the house and after the competition , I’ ve got to meet and like a lot more ex -housemates .


Some of the most important lessons I learnt while in the house were patience and tolerance .

I learnt to coexist with a large number of people .

Prior to the show , I had never lived, eaten or slept in a place with many other people .

I never could tolerate sharing my privacy .


I was not arrogant while in the house .

I was just being myself but Nigerians are not people to be joked with.

They turned my innocent bluntness to being saucy .

I am just a naturally blunt person .


I don’ t hold anyone responsible for my disqualification from the show ; not Mercy or anyone else . I feel I was meant to be disqualified .

That disqualification was fate and nobody’ s fault .

Big Brother gave me a platform to showcase myself .

I stayed in his house and ate his food. His house has rules and he ’ s never wrong .

He did what he had to do .

I also don’ t feel like Seyi betrayed me while we were in the house .

If I were to go for the competition again , I would , honestly , smile more , be more lively while minding my business and avoid fight traps .

I am doing well for myself and brand now . I am very visible and my family, the ‘ titans ’ make being visible easy for me .


We are good and existing – that’ s all there is to it .


I am a grateful person .

I showed gratitude to everyone who supported me while in the house when I got out.

I don’ t know why the story about me being ungrateful made so much ‘ buzz ’ .

Maybe some people expected more ; I don’ t know .

However , I have learnt to compromise , keep my emotions in check and react less to critics .


The highlight of my vlogging career was the first time I had 100 , 000 views on YouTube and also when I got my YouTube page verified by Google for paid advertisements to be featured .


Some of the biggest sacrifices I have made for my career include depriving myself of sleep and relinquishing my family time and privacy .


I would tell anyone aiming to go for BBN to be original.

They should not change anything about themselves or act for the camera.


I am hard working and I strive to succeed in whatever I set my mind to do .


When one signs up with a management, one would have expectations and targets .

However , it ’ s one thing to have expectations and it ’ s another thing to have the expectations turn to reality.

Sadly, that didn’ t happen , especially after the first month of being signed to a management.

The drive I had and the drive they had didn’ t match .

I drew their attention to my concerns and also tried to manage the situation by being patient and hoping for a change .

But , things got worse as time went on and after three months , I decided we should mutually disengage our business relationship for the sake of my brand .

(As regards being intimate with Teebillz) , people are always saying things and it won ’ t stop. I don’ t know what they mean by that. If their intimacy means that he ’ s a good manager, then by all means, he is. If not, I’ m lost .

No leave , no transfer

It is a self – generated slogan .

It was something I brought up to cheer myself on my own for surviving so many nominations (in the house ).

I was up (for disqualification ) basically every week and I kept getting saved .

I was confident at some point that I wasn’ t going anywhere till the last day , hence the slogan .


Fame has robbed me of my privacy . My life now seems like it ’ s in the open and everyone keeps their eyes on my business round the clock .


(As regards rumours that fans didn’ t truly buy me a benz) I am not aware of such rumours and I don’ t even comment on rumours.

As for Titans , they are my family , not my fans .

I love them and I am always grateful for their continuous love.

Role models

I have no role model but I admire Kim Kardarshian and Beyonce.


He has to be God – fearing and selfless .


The favourite part of my body is my nose .

I love how it ’ s shaped and I touch it like literally every minutes .


I decided to tattoo Davido ’ s name on my cleavage simply because I wanted to .

I don’ t regret a thing about it .


I have never done cosmetic surgery . It is all natural– all Tacha .

Body odour

I don’ t see any reason to react to lies .

(As regards Zlatan doing a freestyle about my alleged body odour ), I have nothing to tell him .

Many people did one or two things with my name last year for different reasons .

I hope it paid off for them .


I relax by being with my phone .
I would describe my style as retro fashion.

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