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Angry youths set mentally ill man ablaze for killing nine in imo

The Imo State Police Command says it has launched a manhunt for members of the mob , who set ablaze a mentally ill man , Chigozie Orusa , who allegedly hacked two people to death and injured six others in the Oru -East Local Government Area of the state.

Reports gathered that Orusa , who was a trader , had developed a mental illness and some good Samaritans , who saw him misbehaving , took him to his parents’ house , where he was being treated .

According to a source , Orusa ’ s condition improved while receiving treatment at home , but all of a sudden , he suffered a relapse and started threatening to attack people .

“ Everyone thought that his condition had improved until he started shouting that he wanted to kill somebody.

Everyone around him had to run, but he took a machete , attacked and killed some people , ” the source said .

Reports learnt that Orusa attacked residents of both Nempi and Akatta communities .

However , an online commentator wrote on
Instablog 9 ja that Orusa ’ s family abandoned him by refusing to get medical help.

According to the post, Orusa ’ s condition worsened and he allegedly attacked and killed nine people , including his grandfather and the grandfather ’ s third wife as well as five of his cousins and two neighbours .

Youths , who were angered by the incident, were alleged to have descended on Orusa and burned him alive .

The post read in part, “A mentally ill boy , identified as Chigozie Orusa, has been subjected to jungle justice after killing nine people in Nempi, Imo State .

“ Orusa suddenly developed mental illness and was returned to his family for adequate attention.

However , his family members didn ’t get him any medical help despite his worsening condition.

“ In the early hours of December 8, 2019 , Orusa went wild and machete nine people to death .

“ He was later overpowered by the youth of the community and set ablaze . ”

A picture attached to the post showed residents gathering around Orusa, who was sitting on the floor, handcuffed and stripped naked .

Another picture showed him in a Barcelona Football Club jersey .

Nigerians, while reacting to the online post, condemned Orusa ’ s family for abandoning him despite his condition, and also criticised the youth for applying jungle justice on him .

An Instagram user, Choice Olowu, through her handle ,
@dear_ choice, wrote that the tragedy would have been averted if Orusa’ s family had kept him in a rehabilitation centre.

Olowu wrote, “ Wow ! If they had kept him in a mental asylum or something , this wouldn’ t have happened . Ignorance kills , rest in peace to the dead. ”

Another Instagram user , Abdulkareem Olawale , condemned the youth for killing him .

“ Why would they set him ablaze when he ’ s already mentally derailed and when there are correctional centres ?” he wrote through @unified _ wale .

However , while reacting to the incident , the state Police Public Relations Officer , Orlando Ikeoku , said Orusa killed two persons and injured six others before the angry mob killed him and set his corpse ablaze .

He stated that the command had launched a manhunt for the killer mob.

Ikeoku said , “ I just confirmed that two persons were killed and not nine . Six persons were also injured and have been treated .

The injured victims are now fine.

“ What happened was that the boy was mentally ill and was brought back home for treatment .

After treatment , everybody believed that he was fine , unfortunately, his illness relapsed.

So , on that day, he picked up a machete and started shouting that he would kill somebody.

Those who knew him to be mentally unstable ran away , while others thought he was joking .

“ He later went into town and met an old security guard , who had just closed from night duty in the Nempi community, and killed him .

Hey later went to the Akatta community, attacked and injured some people , and killed a little girl in the process .

Afterwards, he ran away to hide somewhere and the youth , who had been looking for him , fished him out, killed him and burnt his corpse.

“ We have commenced an investigation into the matter and launched a manhunt to fish out those who perpetrated the act . ”

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