I’m deeply pained he didn’t have a child -Slain LASTMA official’s foster mother

She clutched the beautiful picture frame and stared passionately at the images therein .

Mrs Muslimat Fashola took the shot four years ago with her family members to mark her 60th birthday .

It was meant to document memories of bond and fondness inherent in the household and that had been so until in the early hours of Saturday , November 30 when the tragic death of Ola Oyeshina – an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority – threw the family into grief .

Having nurtured Oyeshina for about three decades following the death of his mother , Fashola looked forward to that glamorous occasion when she would pride herself on fulfilling the role of a foster mum and see the 34- year – old walks down the aisle .

Sadly, her expectation, like a pack of cards, shattered with Oyeshina ’ s death .

The late official and his team were on an operation at Iganmu – Sifax, Apapa , to rid the area of trucks parked indiscriminately there when they were attacked by some hoodlums .

While his colleagues escaped, he was not lucky as one of the thugs smashed a big stone on his face .

He was rushed to Randle Hospital, Surulere – some distance away from his residence on Oni Street – and was later referred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital , Idi – Araba where he breathed his last around 1 am .

That fateful Friday evening when Oyeshina was battling to hang on to life , Fashola , who now resides with her husband in Ikorodu , was on a visit to Oni Street, waiting patiently for her adopted son to return from work.

She had no inkling of the gravity of sorrow lurking in the shadows .

“ I had attended a friend ’ s party on Cole Street (Lagos Mainland) on Thursday and I used that opportunity to visit our family house in Surulere on Friday evening , ” she explained , looking forlorn and nervous .

“ As I was coming into the compound , I shouted, ‘ LASTMA Shina ’ as usual , thinking he was in his room.

If he was at home , he would have responded by calling me , ‘ nourishing mother .

’ That was around 6 pm ; I never knew he had been attacked then .

“ I became worried when it was 11pm and he had not returned home .

Surprisingly , I called his line and a family member known as Lekan answered the call .

He said Shina was responding to treatment .

I asked him what was wrong and he said Shina was attacked .

“ Lekan and other family members returned home around 2 am.

They didn ’ t tell me he was dead .

When it was 6 am , I stood up to go to LUTH but they told me to wait an hour more .

On my way to the hospital , two of my friends met me outside and led me back to the compound to break the sad news .

My expectation was to witness the day he would get married ; not his death, ” she recalled as tears welled up her face .

Narrating the fond memories she shared with the late Oyeshina , Fashola stated that only few people knew she was not his biological mother .

She said the most painful imprint his demise left on her was that he had no child she could bond with to sustain the love.

Fashola stated , “His parents used to be our tenants.

They were from Osogbo (Osun State) but both of them died several years ago.

I had been acting as her mother since his parents were alive .

He was four years old when his mother died .

Later, his father relocated and took him to Shitta (a neighbourhood in Surulere ).

“He left Shitta and came to our house . Since then, he had been living with us .

He had all his education here, from primary to the tertiary level .

His parents and my family are not related at all but it was like I am his biological mother .

When I bought clothes for my children , I bought the same type for him too.

He had blended with our family so well that he told my husband that he wanted to change his surname to Fashola .

“ The only thing he did that pained me most was his failure to get married on time and have a child .

About one month ago when he was on leave , he came to visit me in Ikorodu .

I told him that if he came next time without bringing along his fiancée , I would not allow him to enter .

I would have been happy if he had a child that would be around me . ”

The sexagenarian urged government to ensure that the perpetrators of the dastardly act – two of whom had been arrested and arraigned – be brought to book .

“ All I want is justice must take its cause.

And if the government fails to do so , the Almighty God will do , ” she added .

Her son , Wole, told City Round that until much later , he had thought Adeshina was his elder brother.

Wole , who works at the General Hospital, Apapa , said he was on his way home from work around 5 pm on Friday , when he saw the hoodlums attacking LASTMA officials . Unknown to him , his foster brother’ s life was at stake .

He said , “ I got home exhausted only for me to get a call from his friend around 7 pm .

He told me my brother was unconscious and that he was being taken to LUTH from Randle Hospital.

One of my cousins , Mr Lekan , and I went to LUTH immediately to see him .

He was bleeding uncontrollably from the nose and was vomiting. He was shouting, ‘ I need help . ’

“ We were running around buying drugs and other things needed for his treatment .

It was around 2 am that my wife who went to check him discovered he had stopped breathing .

“ I would blame LUTH officials for their attitude to work.

I don’ t understand why someone would get hit by a stone in the nose region around 5 pm and treatment would not start until around 10. 30pm .

The people who took him to LUTH said they almost fought with the officials before they could secure a bed space for him . ”

Wole described Oyeshina as a fantastic person and jolly good fellow whose death had left a huge vacuum no one could fill.

He added , “My relationship with Shina was more like that of blood brothers.

In fact , I grew up to know him as my elder brother.

We wear the same clothes to events and the bond was so real .

“ I have not had a good sleep since that Friday.

We grew up like twins and many people didn’ t know we were not biological brothers .

“He was fun to be with but was not lucky to have a serious relationship.

He was ready to get married .

“ We don’ t want this case to be like other previous cases swept under the carpet. whereby we would not get to the root of the matter.

All we want is justice


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