I killed my granddaughter to avoid becoming a beggar – Ogun grandma

Forty – seven- year- old grandmother , Tope Akinola , recently killed her two – day – old granddaughter with poison when she was asked to take care of the baby .

But contrary to reports that Akinola killed the baby because she didn’ t like her father, after her arrest by the police in Ogun State .

She committed the crime to avoid becoming a beggar in order to feed the new mother and her baby.

You are a grandmother and was recently arrested by the police for killing your two – day – old granddaughter , what do you do for a living?

I’ m Tope Akinola and I’ m 47 years old . I live at Ofin area of Sagamu in Ogun State and I’ m a trader .

Are you educated ?

Yes . I attended primary and secondary schools in Abeokuta and I am an indigene of Abeokuta in Ogun State .

I attended Methodist Primary School, Ijeja and Abeokuta Girls ’ Grammar School. I sell provisions at Sagamu .

How long have you been married?

I have been married for over 26 years. I got married to Kassim Akinola .

He sells planks of wood. He goes to the forest to fell the trees for business .

What is the name of your daughter that gave birth to the baby ?

She is Seun Akinola . Her husband’ s name is Lati.

Is it true that you killed your granddaughter ?

Yes , I killed her . I gave her
Sniper (an insecticide ) .

It was learnt that initially you had attempted to abort the pregnancy but you were stopped by your pastor. Is that also true ?

When I discovered that my daughter was pregnant, I wanted it aborted but my pastor warned me not to do it so I had to wait for my daughter to deliver the baby before carrying out my plan .

How did you kill the baby ?

I gave the baby Sniper at the hospital after my daughter gave birth to her .

She was living with me before she gave birth .

My daughter ’ s husband and his family never showed up since she gave birth ; they only came about two times while she was pregnant.

It was reported that you killed the baby because of your hatred for your son – in – law . Is that the case?

I never set my eyes on her (Seun ’ s ) partner until the day she gave birth .

Only her mother came to meet me and that was after he got my daughter pregnant.

I gave the baby the insecticide to drink because of my financial problems .

I don’ t have money to take care of the baby and her mother .

I was even the one that gave her money when she was going to the clinic.

I gave her money twice for medical bills and since I didn’ t have money to give her again , I couldn ’ t be going to beg on the streets .

How do you feel about your action?

Everything belongs to God and no human being can run faster than their destiny .

I didn’ t know it was wrong until after I did it .

We heard that you killed the baby while her mother was having her bath . Is that also true ?


How did your daughter react when she saw her dead baby ?

I had been arrested before she saw the baby .

It happened in a hospital at Sagamu .

As the mother of the nursing mother , I was allowed to have access to both the baby and the mother .

I regret my action. I want the government to help me .

It never occurred to me that it was against the law.


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