Blackface Naija speak how he made more music than 2face, Faze in Plantashun Boiz

Singer , Augustine Ahmedu , aka Blackface Naija , has been in the music industry for about two decades .

He tells is story about his career , and other issues

Do you feel threatened by the new crop of artistes ?

Not at all. I am experienced , and I have vast knowledge about the music industry that the new guys don’ t know about .

Is there a message you ’ re trying to pass across with the new version of your song , African Queen ?

The song is dedicated to women all over the world .

I decided to do another version of the track to let people know that there are different ways that a song can be rendered .

As it is well known , I gave 2 face the rights to sing the song but he didn’ t give me the appropriate credit.

I have got proof to show that I wrote that song .

Recall that I also sang the song in one of my albums titled , Jungle Fever.

I don’ t see it as a big deal because this is not the first time that two singers would sing a particular song .

For example , the song, I’ ll Always Love You , was written by Dolly Parton.

It was later sung by Whitney Houston .

It doesn ’ t matter who sings the song – you just have to give credit to the writer , and that’ s what many Nigerians fail to understand .

Anyway , we are preparing to shoot the video anytime soon because my fans have been asking for it .

Some people felt you should have made a new song instead of revisiting African Queen of many years ago .

What’ s your reaction to that ?

There are still going to be different versions of African Queen – including rap and dancehall . So , they should get ready for that .

Apart from music , what else do you do ?

I am involved in a lot of businesses .

I sell houses as a real estate agent , and I’ m also a record label executive .

I spend most of my time creating music and doing other businesses .

So long it is buying and selling, I am up for it .

Do you sometimes wish that your music career started now that there seems to be more money and prestige in the industry?

I do not wish that my career started now because I have gained a lot of experience over the years.

I have vast knowledge about music that the new guys don’ t know about .

It is a different thing when you have made a hit .

A lot of artistes out there do not have any hit song or album to their names, but I have made about six albums as a solo artiste .

While with the Plantashun Boiz , we recorded about three albums .

There is no gainsaying the fact that I have done a lot of work in the music industry .

The Blackface of the past is different from the new Blackface Naija .

I have improved, so people should not think that I am stagnant .

I have evolved over the years, and nobody should try to stereotype me , or think I’ ll be a certain way they want me to be .

I set a standard for myself and make sure that I achieve it .

Why do some people think you are still trailing in 2 face’ s shadow ?

I cannot stay under 2 face ’ s shadow .

Even he knows that I was the one making the music we sang as Plantashun Boiz .

I made more music than 2 face and Faze together.

Are you ready to embrace peace with 2 face?

I did not sue myself to court , so why should I be talking about embracing peace

They are the ones that sued me .

It is not everyone that likes good things.

Some people thrive on evil, but no matter what we do , we should always remember that there is God .

What message do you have for your fans ?

My fans should get ready for me . I’ m preparing a new single , and I ’ m also working on my next album which is titled , Rising Sun.

Also , I am going to make videos for all the songs that fans have always requested for.

I want to give the fans what they want.

Trials and tribulations come but there is always a reason for everything .

I would also be coming out with some new guys as well.

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