Ways for parents to make money from home

Being a parent to a young child often means finding a job that allows you to work from home .

Fortunately, companies are increasingly accommodating a cultural shift toward telecommuting jobs and work -from – home flexibility for a 21 st century workforce in which both parents need and often want to work .

Over the past decade in the United States , the number of telecommuting workers have rocketed 115 per cent — a jump from 1 . 8 million to 3 . 9 million people .

To get you started on your job search to fit your unique parenting situation, interests and skills , here are 18 job ideas and businesses that require little to no start – up costs and can done from home .

College application/ financial aid consulting business

College – bound students are often advised to apply to between four to eight schools .

So it ’ s no wonder students require guidance managing the fraught process of selecting the right colleges , gathering application materials , writing essays , scheduling interviews and meeting application deadlines.

That explains why consulting services for private college applications and financial aid planning are booming.

From 2003 to 2013 , the number of college applicants who used a “private admissions consultant ” or independent educational consultant ” tripled.

A college application consultant may have a background in guidance counselling , college admissions or teaching – there is no accreditation or degree required except experience and the ability to shape a candidate ’ s application so that it ’ s complete, on time and presents candidates to the best of their abilities.

Naturally , having an understanding of the college scene and what individual schools can offer and are looking for will help your clients .

Freelance writer / editor

There are all kinds of writing and editing, from copy editing to content writing across industries .

Not surprisingly , demand is directly related to your experience and areas of expertise .

Niche expertise , such as within the aviation industry or blockchain applications in security , can impact your marketability .

So define some areas where you already have contacts and knowledge , and make sure you have a website that showcases your best work and features your contact information .

(If you don’ t have samples of published work , then that’ s where you need to start . )

The average base pay for a freelance editor is $ 51, 104 .

However , if you ’ re just starting out, there are also freelance writing job boards and marketplaces to advertise your services and look for work , although the competition can be tough , warns
Entrepreneur .com contributor John Rampton .

Some places to start looking include the part- time jobs website FlexJobs , which features writing gigs in specific categories, such as gaming , financial or medical writing ;

Freelanced , a freelancer social network where you can search for jobs and share your portfolio ;

and FreelanceWritingGigs, which lists freelance writer and editor jobs across a variety of industries .


Transcription jobs can be done remotely — all you need are fast and accurate typing skills , typically 80 words per minute .

The average salary for a transcriptionist is $ 26, 882 . To get started , you can do a search of “ transcription ” or “ transcriber” on job sites , such as Glassdoor .

Or you can register as a freelance transcriber on job marketplace sites , such as TranscribeMe , Go Transcript and UpWork .

You can specialise in a certain area – medical and legal are two fields where there is always demand .

Equipment -wise, you ’ ll need headphones , a computer and word processing software .

Eventually , you may want to invest in a foot pedal, which allows you to stop, rewind and forward the recording quickly .

Tax accountant

Typically , accountants are seasonally busy, which means a lot of free time during the rest of the year .

As an accountant , you prepare tax returns and reports and stay current on tax regulations and reforms .

Tax work clearly isn’ t for everyone , but good accountants are always in demand .

The skills needed for this job are knowledge of accounting procedures , attention to detail, familiarity (or ability to learn) accounting software and, of course , good math skills .

The median annual salary is $ 53, 994 , and while you can work as an accountant with a bachelor ’ s degree , most states require accountants to be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant .

Grant writer

Grant writers are the backbone of development and non- profit work .

They generally work as independent contractors and are “the vital link between a funder and a grant seeker , ” with a median salary of $ 45, 483 a year . Another bonus :

There’ s no certification needed for grant writing, although grant – writing classes are available .

Certain skills are required for this position .

Obviously , you need to be a good writer .

You ’ ll be writing what is essentially a proposal for why a funding agency should give money to the organisation you are working for.

Also , you need to be good at research and getting answers .

Many grant applications require particular information on the organisation seeking a grant , and the grant writer ’ s job is to track down the information and present it within the funding agency ’ s guidelines .

Finally , you need to be deadline driven.

Check out these websites to get you started : www .fdncenter . org , www . tgci .com and www .

fundsnetservices. com .

Bookkeeping services

Good news , you don’ t need to be a Certified Public Accountant to work as a freelance bookkeeper , but you do need to be resourceful and good with numbers.

“ You can sign up for a bookkeeping course at a community college or online, ” recommends Entrepreneur . com contributor John Rampton .

(For example , there’ s this free course from the Accounting Coach. )

The services that you can offer are providing income statements and creating balance sheets and monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports .

What’ s more , you can take advantage of free invoicing and online payment tools .

If there ’ s a particular industry and ideal segment of clientele you ’ d like to work with, then write down a list of companies and find out if there are contacts you already know in those companies or in the industry who can help you get a foot in the door .

The beauty of getting more clients in bookkeeping is that it ’ s a word -of – mouth and referral dependent field .

Virtual recruiter

Virtual recruiters find, screen and interview job applicants across a variety of industries — technology candidates are in high demand — and recruiting can be done remotely and part time .

Glassdoor reports recruiters make approximately $ 30 to $ 40 an hour .

To be a recruiter , you definitely need to have solid communication skills and be able to read people in order to closely match them with jobs and the work culture .

While you don’ t need a bachelor ’ s degree for this work , you should have at least an associate’ s degree or related experience .

Go to any job site and type in “virtual recruiter ” to find available positions .

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