Photos: Evolution Series out with New models in Nigeria

Meet the models, an avenue created to groom young Nigerians to become excellent models has introduced a new platform titled “Evolution Series”

Accorrding the the Facilitator, Grace Renner,,The evolution series would involve an audition where 10 finalists would be selected and the eventual winner to be knownn as The Top Model would be flown to Milan to participate in the Milano Fashion Week, get signed by a top modeling agency in Milan and smile home with other gifts.

“Meet the Models” she revealed “is a platform set for youths to groom themselves and make a difference in the country through modeling.

The platform strives to focus not only on modelling but also to turn them to great achievers in life”.

“With first-hand experience of the level of unprofessionalism on both sides of the divide the models on one hand, and their handlers on the other, coupled with the abuse in the industry, we have designed the Evolution Series to make a difference…”  Renner stated.

The Evolution Series is a modeling competition that would involve camping and training in modeling, finishing, catwalk, basic acting skills, photography sessions, portfolio building and a grand finale; where one winner would emerge.

It is a purpose-driven modeling competition that would serve as a platform to inculcate strong values and professionalism in young people that have chosen modeling as a career path, to become better role models in the society, and at the same time, be able to transit to a life after modeling.

 To achieve this, provision have been made for a series of trainings by a carefully selected list of world-class facilitators who are well established and successful in their different professions, to provide career guidance for the ten finalists.

 The show which started in 2015 was filled with fun and, and it ran for 29 successful episodes and there are strong indications that the new series will also be a success

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