Olakunle Churchill is not Mr X!! – Tonto Dikeh reveals why she lied about his identity before they got married

Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed, during an exclusive interview with PLUS TV Africa, that her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill, is not her ‘Mr X’.

Recall before she got married to her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill, she was always flaunting expensive gifts from a certain Mr X.
After keeping fans guessing for months, she unveiled Olakunle Churchill as the Mr X.

Well, she has claimed otherwise and explained why she chose to lie about his identity back then.

“Churchill never added any value to my life, I didn’t gain money marrying him, I lost money marrying him, lost money feeding him, clothing him so there is no gain , his not is not worthy to even elevate me in the society cos even the image he thinks he has, I gave it to him, nobody knew who he was until i married him.

He begged me to put him there as Mr X because he wasn’t Mr X, I was so stupid. These were signs I should have seen. A full grown man begging me to reveal u as someone you weren’t.

He came into my life just about the time i was breaking up with Mr X and cos the Internet had never met Mr x, he begged to it him be revealed as that. Mr X was a year, two years ago before him.

The gifts, diamond necklace and wristwatches, phones….were gifts from Mr X, the man i dated before. Every other gift after february 13th when i met churchill were gifts from myself.

Recall that Tonto Dikeh had earlier revealed in a video that Churchill is a fraudster.

The actress made this known in a two-part series of videos where she got to talk about everything about her marriage and how it went from good to bad, the deceits, the domestic violence accusations, and even the fraud claims.

“After I came back from giving birth to my son, I had been suspecting that he was into Yahoo…before I even came back to Nigeria I had already begun to suspect but the only thing that made me confirm was the night that he wasn’t supposed to be home and I slept early because of my son.

And I heard some noise in his room because he’s in the penthouse and my room is under.

So, I heard a noise upstairs, nobody was supposed to be in that room. I opened up this room, I saw a full-grown man wearing a red cloth in his waist with red candles everywhere around him with a laptop in his hands.

Immediately I saw that I was shocked, I was simply shocked.

I was not scared but I was shocked.

I just started laughing and he got me and that was one of the first fights we had after I had King,” she said.

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