Alibaba laid a curse on people who defend people scamming

Veteran Nigerian Comedian, Alibaba has reacted to the debate among Nigerians, whether yahoo is a crime or not.

Alibaba did not only slam yahoo boys, but also laid a curse on people who defend people scamming hustling people of their hard-earned money and using such money to pop champagne.

Alibaba said this in reaction to a post narrating how a struggling woman was scammed of her life savings by ATM fraudsters. A lady had shared the story as written below;

A lady in my area that make liquid soap to survive with her 2 children in an uncompleted building and also work in a school as a cleaner was scammed last week, she was telling me yesterday that they called her like people from her bank, asking her about some info, unfortunately for the woman, she gave them all her info, the last 4 digits of her card, and the 3 digits at the back of the master card, these mad scammer ruin this struggling woman, that most of us in the area help by making sure we buy the liquid soap, so that she can feed her children, she had been crying since, for some of us, the money might not be much, but i know what this lady goes through everyday, leaving her house by 6am to 6pm daily. God would surely deal with whosoever is living on other people’s sweats.

In reaction to this, Alibaba wrote:
Stealing from hustlers, now makes you a smart guy.

You then take the money, go buy clothes, pop champagne, buy bling bling and drugs.

When someone says it’s wrong, you have the guts to be defending them.

For any of you who defends these thieves, you will never end well. Go and write it down. Shebi we all are in Nigeria.

The comedian in another post shared the photo of a Nigerian girl who is a mechanic and wrote;

So many ladies are picking up male dominated jobs and creating employment for others.

From shoemaking, cab driving, security, interior decoration,… name it.

Yet some born thieves are blaming government and the economy.

When we left school in 1989, advance fee fraud, (419) was everywhere. And believe it or not, there was hardship.

But many people, who now own companies or started businesses that now employ many youths.

So those who are saying that there is hardship in the land, so they decided to do yahoo yahoo should please shut up. Including their supporters.

I am ready to drop to 100 followers. All these thieves parading themselves as artistes are beginning to annoy me.

Plus these blogs that were set up to promote their activities.

Alibaba also shared more photos while still addressing the issue of scammers in other posts;

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