Trump threatens Supreme Court fight against impeachment

US President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump threatened Wednesday to fight a possible impeachment effort by Congressional Democrats in the US Supreme Court .

That could be difficult — the US constitution and the court itself has made clear that it has no role in impeachment proceedings , which represent the legislature ’ s power to check wrongdoing by the president .

But Trump ’ s tweet suggested the White House is taking seriously a debate among Democrats on whether to launch the process that could remove the president on the basis of evidence of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report released last week .

“The Mueller Report , despite being written by Angry Democrats and Trump Haters , and with unlimited money behind it ($ 35, 000 , 000 ), didn’ t lay a glove on me . I DID NOTHING WRONG , ” Trump wrote.

“ If the partisan Dems ever tried to Impeach , I would first head to the US Supreme Court . ”

Released on Thursday , Special Counsel Robert Mueller ’ s final report from his Russia meddling investigation listed a dozen separate actions by Trump that supported obstruction allegations.

But Mueller demurred on concluding if they amounted to a crime , leaving that decision to Congress , where the House of Representatives has the power to impeach a president — formally charge him — and the Senate to find him innocent or guilty .

The constitution is clear on the process : the very first article gives the House of Representatives “ the sole power of impeachment ” and the Senate “the sole power to try all impeachments. ”

In a 1993 case testing those principles, the Supreme Court itself ruled unanimously that it did not have a role .

“ Giving the Supreme Court a role in the impeachment process itself was carefully considered but deliberately and emphatically discarded ” by the authors of the constitution , said Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe.

Democrats on Wednesday were still debating whether undertaking a politically divisive impeachment effort would be a good idea less than 19 months before the next presidential election .

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