Man allegedly killing his wife , Uwani , for saying that she would remarry

A 30- year – old man , Danjuma Bisalla, has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife , Uwani , for saying that she would remarry if her husband died .

Uwani was said to have made the comment while Bisalla was sick .

The suspect, who is in police custody , told Northern City News in Minna , on Sunday , that he attacked his wife with a machete while she was sleeping , which resulted in her death .

The incident occurred on April 11, 2019, at Uddu village , in the Rijau Local Government Area of the state.
Bisalla told our correspondent that he killed his wife because of her comment .

He said , “ I can ’ t imagine my own wife telling me that if I died , she would remarry.

I lost my temper and inflicted injuries on her neck with a machete which led to her death .

“ I don’ t regret killing her since she wanted me dead .

I killed her so that she would not remarry.

She should not have said that to my hearing ; there is power in the spoken words .

Allah will send her to hell for that unguarded comment . ”

The Niger State Police Public Relations Officer , Mohammad Abubakar , confirmed the incident , adding that the suspect admitted to the crime .

Abubakar said Bisalla inflicted injuries on the neck of the victim and she died , adding that the suspect had been charged to court.

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