Why I slammed Akpororo for performing shirtless – Sammie Okposo

Top gospel artiste , Sammie Okposo , has explained why he lambasted comedian , Akpororo , when he took off his shirt while performing at a street praise event in Lagos last year .

Speaking with Sunday Scoop , Okposo said there were rules guiding gospel music and Akpororo crossed the line.

He stated , “I really don’ t want to go into that any longer .

In the kingdom of God , there are certain things you cannot do , notwithstanding the swagger you want to adopt .

Have you ever been to a church and the person leading praise and worship or the choir members were dressed inappropriately ?

I was hard on Akpororo because of the relationship that I share with him .

I have always supported him ; so , it was my duty to say that he went too far.

There is a way I will dress and it will send a wrong message to people .

Even before I start to minister , those people would be put off already because of my appearance .

Also , we should not forget that we have elderly people in the church who don’ t tolerate certain things. ”

Okposo , however, admitted that he loved Akpororo’ s ‘ craziness’ and he saw a bit of his personality in him .

He said , “ I have taken Akpororo to my shows abroad and I support his events .

But I felt pulling off his shirt during a praise and worship session was not needed and the media made a meal of it .

Meanwhile , he reached out to me and admitted that he indeed crossed the line.

If I didn ’ t say anything , then I wouldn’ t have done well because I consider him a family member. ”

On giving back to society , Okposo noted that everyone had their different callings and he was not the type to blow his own trumpet .

He stated, “ I have done many things for young artistes but I decided not to publish them .

I am called for a different purpose . For instance , I am not called to run a record company .

When you do something that is not your assignment, you will fail .

I understand my assignment and I have injected wisdom into the industry in many ways .

I don’ t blow my trumpet but I have mentored people who are also doing great in the industry .

I own a recording studio and I allow people to record there for free . ”

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