How I made my money –Mr Eazi

Hip – hop star, Mr Eazi, has opened up on how he had to leave the comfort his parents provided for him to chart his own path in life .

The musician whose real name is Oluwatosin Ajibade, gave an insight into how he graduated from a school in Ghana at the age of 18 but instead of coming back to Nigeria to get a job decided to start various businesses which failed.

He said , “ I would not lie and say that my childhood was tough .

People define silver spoon differently but one thing I would say is that my parents always made sure I had everything that I needed .

“ I went to good schools , so obviously I was not suffering but in finding my own path, I started to experience struggles .

“ I have a Master’ s degree in Engineering and Business Management but I decided to become an entrepreneur so I had to suffer by myself .

“ I had to go through gold mining, distribution of beverages in Ghana and also having my phone company in Nigeria . I did all of that out of my own volition .

“ If I had stuck to my parents’ plan , I could have finished school and got a proper job . I had job offers but I chose my path.

“ I could have toed my father ’ s path because he is an engineer and working in the aviation sector .

I could have been in that sector but I chose my path.

“ When you choose your path , you struggle .

To be honest, my parents were pressured to compel me to get a proper job .

“ For instance, I graduated from the university in 2011 and I was not even 19 years old at the time . ”

Speaking further on his struggles before hitting the limelight , Eazi, who is known for several hits including ‘ Surrender’ where he featured Simi , said that he sold all kinds of items before he finally found his big break .

He said , “ After my National Youth Service , I moved back to Ghana but the business failed .

The next thing I did was to tell my parents that I had another bright idea and it was to sell sausage rolls .

That also failed shortly.

“ The businesses I tried my hands on would gradually be successful but at the end it would fail because I had no experience .

“ After that , my parents tried to talk me out of business but I told them that I had another bright idea and it was to be making and selling Sharwama .

That also failed.

“ My father later advised me to do my MSc .

He felt it would buy me some time to know what I wanted to do .

“ So , I obtained my MSc . at Coventry University , Ghana .

I could have concluded my Master ’ s programme in a year but I had another bright idea .

I went into illegal gold mining but I was able to complete school .

“ Obviously , by 2015, the whole family wanted to do an intervention on me except my father .

Everyone put my father under pressure so he gave me a timeline , which was April 2016 to get my acts together .

“ As God would have it , by March 2016 I had kicked off my music career and I was in London having my tour.

“ By the end of 2015 , my phone company had kicked off in full scale and I had employed about 20 people . That is how much struggle I passed through to make my money , ” he said .

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