Nigerian feminist calls out her father for summoning family meeting

Popular Nigerian feminist, Ozzy Etomi, has taken to her Twitter account to call out her father for father for summoning all his children to show up for a family meeting without prior notice.

According to her, they all failed to show up to the disappointment of their father who labeled it as indiscipline.

Ozzy Etomi shared:
My dad sent a text round to my siblings and I on sat night for us to convene to see him Sunday at 2pm.

When noone showed because, adults with lives, he said “THIS IS INDISCIPLINE”. Lmao. Nigerian parents don’t realize their kids become adults and they must cut the cord
How can you summon grown adults aged 28 – 37 like we don’t have shit of our own going on. Sir, we will see you at a time that works with everyones schedule, till then you know what that meins.

Likeee we have lives! And children!
Nothing like a good ego and power trip.

That is that… However in another gist: Reports claim that Regina Daniels is married to 59yr old billionaire Ned Nwoko, she reacts.

According to new reports, Nollywood teen actress Regina Daniels has allegedly gotten married to billionaire politician Ned Nwoko in Asaba, Delta State.

This puts to bed the argument about the source of wealth of the actress who has recently been flaunting a luxurious lifestyle on social media despite not featuring in hit movies.

In the space of a month, the actress has flaunted a Rolex wristwatch, 2 brand new Mercedes Benz and a house.

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