Amnesty International slams SARS, says Osinbajo’s reforms not working

Amnesty International has lambasted the Special Anti -Robbery Squad which was accused of killing Kolade Johnson , who was shot dead while watching a Premier League match on Olu Aboderin Street, Lagos , on Sunday.

AIl said the call to scrap SARS and reform the police had not been taking seriously .

It said efforts put in place by the President Muhammadu Buhari – led government had failed even as it blamed the judiciary for failing to punish police torture.

The organisation said SARS continues to use torture to extract confessions from suspects , adding that the police unit seems not to be accountable to anyone .

A series of tweets posted by AI read, “Once again SARS is in the news for alleged brutalisation of Nigerians. We have several times called for # EndSARS .

“ SARS is a police unit created to protect the people , instead it has become a danger to society , torturing its victims with complete impunity while fomenting a toxic climate of fear and corruption . # EndSARS

“ Many attempts to reform SARS, including the one ordered by @ ProfOsinbajo in August last year have been ineffective.

Nigerians are still brutalized by SARS. Restructuring SARS is not enough unless the government takes concrete steps to protect Nigerians

“ Our research since 2016 uncovered a pattern of ruthless human rights violations by SARS, where victims are arrested and tortured until they either make a ‘ confession ’ or pay officers a bribe to be released . # EndSARS .

“ Apart from brutality , some police officers in SARS regularly demand bribes , steal and extort money from criminal suspects and their families.

SARS officers are getting rich through their brutality . In Nigeria , it seems that torture is a lucrative business . # EndSARS . ”

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