INEC Receives Order From Above, To Cancel Election With Immediate Effect

INEC Receives Order From Above, To Cancel Election With Immediate Effect

Tonye Cole, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, has on Friday, called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to cancel the March 9 elections that held in the state because of the controversies trailing it and conduct a fresh election instead.

According to the Nation, Tonye, who made the call in a statement titled: “A plea for righteous intervention in Rivers State”, pleaded with the electoral commission to hold a corrective poll.

“If there is one thing that I am certain of, it is that the entire election of March 9, is totally and completely compromised from head to toe.

There are no results that would be announced today, that would reflect the will of the people, in any form or manner.

There are just as many people who do not trust and will not accept an election that delivers PDP today, because of the belief that the umpire has granted unfettered access to the result sheets, and a yeoman’s job has been done on the collated results that is guaranteed to withstand any scrutiny through the Election Tribunals, or any court of law thereafter, just as there are as many people who will not accept a result that delivers the AAC, because of the belief that the election day results were structured to favour them, by the direct involvement of the Military, as insinuated by the PDP.

“INEC must therefore, declare the entire elections of March 9, null and void, and set out a new date for fresh elections.

This time around, there are no distractions left, and every eye is upon Rivers State now.

The violent elements can be caged and neutralized, so they are ineffective on the day of election. We have seen this happen.

The people can come out to vote without the fear of intimidation and harassment. We know this is possible.

“The Electoral Officials can carry out their duties without compromise, or fear of terror. We know this is achievable.

The Security Agencies can provide the environment that enables them operate professionally and efficiently, without fear of being shot at, or killed in the line of duty. We know this is desirable.

The party Agents and Politicians can carry out their duties without the fear of being killed or maimed, for their affiliations. We know this is progress.

“This is a clarion call to the good men out there, to conduct fresh elections in Rivers State, where the entire focus of the world at large is upon our activities and us.

Let us give this land and its people something to cherish and be proud of, a solid foundation to build upon; a democratically elected government that is chosen by her people, freely and fairly, whether or not the chosen Candidate is one who just entered politics yesterday, or a veteran.

Let us allow the people to choose, and let their voice be heard loudly, and respected completely.”

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