Nigerian woman, Chiaka Thelma, welcomes sextuplets in US hospital

Mother of sextuplets, Chiaka Thelma at the hospital with members of her medical team. Source: Twitter

A Nigerian woman , Chiaka Thelma welcomed six babies at the Woman ’ s Hospital of Texas over the weekend .

According to the hospital , on its Twitter handle, the odds of having sextuplets are estimated to be one in 4 . 7 billion .

The hospital said the six babies were made up of four boys and two girls.

The hospital went on to reveal that the babies were born between 4 : 50 a . m . and 4 : 59 a . m .

The babies were born at weights ranging from 1 pound (0 . 4 kg ), 12 ounces (0 . 3 kg ) to 2 pounds (0 . 9 kg ), and 14 ounces (0 . 39kg ) .

They are in stable condition and will continue to receive care in the hospital ’ s advanced neonatal intensive care unit , according to the release.

Already the new mum has named her daughters , Zina and Zuriel while still thinking of the names for the four boys .

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