Our vote don’t count,not your treat – Igbo in Lagos

Its has been a week since the 2019 elections were concluded and a sense of normalcy has returned, the pre election mood of division has faded away ..

Nigeria just like every other country has her own problems and conducting a free and fair elections is one of them .

After the return to democracy in 1999 the yearning of every Nigerian is to vote in election that is free and fair to elect a leader that reflects the choice of the majority, but sadly every time we take a step forward we take ten steps backwards.

And the 2019 elections is a reality check that we are not yet there.

The signs where shown at the beginning when president muhammadu buhari refused to assent the amended electoral bill four times.

Widespread violence, vote buying over voting were prominent features in the election .

The tactic was simple disrupt voting in the opposition stronghold to reduce the numbers inflate figures in your stronghold and you have the election in your belt this worked wonders in presidential elections .

The smartest of the moves came in Lagos having battled to teeth to win Lagos at the presidential poll the ruling party knew they had to deliver at the governorship perhaps the national leader of the party knew he’d be facing a tough test ..

The made use of the oldest tactic in the book, tribalism.

Ever since independence Nigerians have always battled with tribalism and our leaders know it they use this tactic when they want to use us and it was perfectly executed in Lagos by bringing out sentiments against the Igbo’s who were the major supporters of the opposition party ,they successfully created voters apathy and it was evident in the polls where only 20% of registered voters came out to vote .

The Nigerian problem,is unique and until we put away tribal sentiments we will never move forward as a nation..

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