APC, Edo govt invited Chinese nationals to clone electoral materials – PDP chairman

I do not think there is any person that is happy with the decision by the government and INEC to postpone the elections.

It takes four years, after the emergence of the elected President, members of the National Assembly and state Houses of Assembly, to prepare for another election .

After four years, few hours to the elections, you suddenly realised that you were not prepared to conduct the polls as a result of logistics problems .

It means that this government has failed in every aspect, even in ensuring that the elections are conducted so that it can be shown the way out.

I think this last – minute postponement is a reflection of the entire story of the APC (All Progressives Congress ) and the Buhari government and their institutions.

The truth is that, before now there was nothing to pin the postponement on. So , their paymasters suddenly woke up and came up with this story of materials for some states being moved to another state .

Was that why your party agents raised the alarm about the delay in sorting sensitive materials at the Central Bank of Nigeria in Benin on Thursday ?

The issue here is that the materials have been tampered with.

The fear is that, like they did in Edo State, when the governorship (election ) was postponed, they simply would just get hold of some of these sensitive materials and get people to clone them .

We are aware that some people have come in on the invitation of Edo State Government from China.

So , we are very wary that these sensitive materials are now open.

There is a high possibility of the government having access to and cloning them . Nigeria is now flooded by Chinese people .

Is it not understandable that INEC took the decision in good faith ,
having done same prior to the 2015 polls when your party was in power?

It was not done few hours to the elections. It (INEC ) based its decision on the security situation in some parts of the country.

The National Security Adviser was very clear on it ; he even visited some of the international communities to brief them ahead of time before the elections were postponed. The elections were not postponed few hours to the polls .

The spokesman for INEC , as of Friday night , said that people should ignore the fake rumour about a possible postponement of the elections.

As late as 1 am , he was still saying that it was fake .
The President has asked Nigerians to remain calm over the shift. How do you react to that ?

What INEC and the government have done is that , for some reasons , they have postponed the doomsday.

They are only going to delay the process of sending this government out of the Aso Rock , but they cannot avoid it .

The inevitable end to the mismanagement of the affairs of government by the APC is staring us in the face .

Is your party ’ s call for resignation of the INEC chairman not uncalled for ?

I am in total support and I align myself fully with the decision of my national chairman calling for the resignation of the INEC chairman . Let me tell you , a man ’ s integrity is key when given a national assignment of this magnitude.

Here is a professor (Mahmood Yakubu ) who has been singing that they (INEC ) have no reason whatsoever to postpone the elections. He has said it continuously that INEC is fully prepared to conduct the elections.

To now come out to say that the decision to announce the postponement is painful , I think if he has any integrity , he should just throw in the towel and walk away .

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