2014 immigration tragedy won’t affect my senatorial bid —Ex-Interior minister, Moro

Benue South Peoples Democratic Party senatorial candidate, Mr Aba Moro , in this interview with
JOHN CHARLES, says federal might is not a threat to the PDP in the state

As a senatorial candidate for Benue South District , are the people taking your campaign seriously ?

I have been going round the area , from ward to ward , talking to the people .

I don’ t have any fear at all about winning the senatorial election in Zone C come February 16.

The opposition party is talking about the federal might . Are you afraid of this ?

I have never been afraid of anyone when it comes to an election . An election is about the ballot box and paper.

It is about the people . I don’ t know about the federal might , but like a chairman once said ,

if they come with the federal might, we will come with the local might. I want to believe that it will not get to that level .

I believe that the Federal Government will respect the will of the people .

I want to say that people who talk of the federal might are people who engage in name – dropping for the purpose of intimidating people to win elections.

Senator David Mark is leaving Zone C senatorial seat after 20 years.

How do you think you can fill the vacuum if voted to succeed him ?

I have said it before that Senator David Mark is leaving big shoes in vacating the Benue South Senatorial District .

He has made a giant stride . Now that he is leaving the stage , someone must step in to take his place which is the reason why I came into the race .

I have followed Senator Mark to many places , I have been his director general twice and also his lieutenant , so I know the direction he wants to take the Idoma people to .

Some of those coming into the race don’ t know the aspirations of the people . They don’ t know where to start .

What will be your focus if you are elected ?

My focus will be essentially to create jobs for the youth that have finished school and haven’ t got jobs.

I will leverage my goodwill to ensure the development of our people .

Some of our roads are death traps . We have the problem of potable water .

All these will be my focus. I will create an enabling environment to provide good education for my people because knowledge is power.

So what is your attitude to politics ?

My advice is that government and people should approach the general elections as a call to service.

If you have been there before and have done things for your people , you should be able to tell the story; also if you are aspiring to go for the first time , you should be able to tell your story too.

If we look at the adventure into governance and you have prepared to serve your people , I do not believe in this do – or -die attitude people attached to getting political power.

You can imagine , how time flies like a bird. 2015 , just like yesterday , was when people came to power and now they have been called upon to give an account of themselves .

Many people are struggling to do that because they didn’ t realise that the time was going. I want us to develop an attitude of sportsmanship in this country because any contest involving more than one person will surely be won by one person .

How do you feel about the immigration recruitment where many people died while you were a minister ?

The Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment misadventure was actually a low point in my burgeoning career .

I feel very sad each time I think about it because it involved the loss of innocent lives .

It clearly showed people were not doing their parts in an otherwise patriotic exercise .

I don’ t think it would negatively affect my chances in 2019 general elections.

David Mark is your mentor. In your own assessment , what has he achieved in the past 20 years in the Senate ?

Senator David Mark achieved so much for our people . By his sterling performance he raised the bar in the perception index of the Idoma person .

He has provided stable leadership in the Senate . He became the longest serving Senate President to date .

He ensured the construction of the Otukpo -Oweto road and bridge , the Oyibo multipurpose integrated dam , skills acquisition centres , construction of classrooms , rural electrification, water projects , among others.

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